This time it´s not just about being the Fastest, it’s also about being the Best!

  • At 60˚C, 5 minutes is all it takes for UHS Extra Clear 0390 to dry.
  • It can be used in low bake process drying in only 20 minutes at 40 degrees.
  • It can be applied on any sized repairs with only one dedicated hardener and thinner, and always delivers a perfect
    glossy appearance.

With its new fast clearcoat, MAXMEYER® reaches the next level of customer satisfaction.

Long repair times, high energy costs and demanding customer requirements are among the challenges faced by bodyshop repairers every day. MaxMeyer has responded by developing UHS Extra Clear 0390, a premium product that is both faster and easier to use than any other clearcoat.

This latest technology enables bodyshops to increase productivity, relieve bottleneck areas, improve spraybooth throughput and save energy, without compromising performance.

Thanks to its long pot life and overspray absorption, 0390 can be used for any type and size of repair. From spot repair to full re-spray, painters can rely on UHS Extra Clear to deliver the same outstanding finish every time.

With UHS Extra Clear painters can achieve an exceptional mirror-like glossiness and unparalleled depth. Due to its perfect flow and hard finish, this unique product is also extremely easy to apply and polish.

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